Black Brook - Cold River Confluence

Confluence, Black Brook and Cold River

Massive sediment, debris and water flows during Irene wreaked havoc on transportation infrastructure at this location.  High flows from Black Brook pushed out into the Cold River, directing it towards  the opposite shore. This created excessive scour around the Route 2 Bridge which spans the Cold, damaging the structure severely.

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It is not uncommon to see bank erosion on the shore across from where a tributary enters a main stream. This can be seen in two nearby locations, where the Cold River ( where Pelham Brook ( meet the Deerfield.  

Black Brook - Cold River Confluence

This image was captured on November 11, 2013, after extensive repairs had been made to the Route 2 bridge over the Cold River.

This location is a stop on another virtual tour of Irene Damage to Route 2, seen here: It provides additional images, taken during &  shortly after Irene, and during repairs.