Williamsburg Road tributaries

Williamsburg Road crosses a tributary of the South River about 150 yards south of the Route 116 intersection, and a smaller one another 200 feet further south. 

Williamsburg Road tributary, looking downstream

South River tributary, from Williamsburg Road.   This tributary is almost as large as the South River itself in this area. The confluence with the South is 300 yards downstream.

Williamsburg Road tributary1, looking upstream

Upstream view from first Williamsburg Road tirbutary of South River.  This spot is several hundred yards downtream of the next tour stop (heading west), along Creamery Road.

This smaller tributary is about 200 feet south of the first, along Williamsburg Road. It drains mostly forested land, with some farmland just upstream of this location.

Notice the meander patterns and small floodplain created by the stream.  Even streams this small (probably a first order stream) can exhibit these classic fluvial land forms.


upstream view South River tributary on Williamsburg Road

Upstream view