Johnny Bean Brook

Johnny Bean Brook runs parallel to Pumpkin Hollow Brook, about 1/2 to 3/4 miles to the west, also running south to north.  It is forested in the upper reaches, passing by fields and a  few homes as it nears the South River.  It crosses under Main Poland Road just west of Conway center, about a hundred yards from where it enters the South River.  The brook is less than 2 miles long.  

Johnny Bean Brook, Conway


This is the downstream view, from Main Poland Road. Johnny Bean brook has established a small floodplain roughly 50 feet wide, 20 feet below the surrounding land. Note that the floodplain is wider on river right,. The stream appears to be carving into the valley wall on river left, as downed trees and bare, eroding patches on the slope show.  This stream enters the South River, seen in the upper center of the photo, perhaps 150 feet distant.

Culvert, Johnny Bean Brook


This view of the culvert through which Johnny Bean Brook flows under Main Poland road seems to show a fairly innocuous stream crossing.  But a different view, seen in this entry on the New England Stream Crossing database,, shows why this is considered a significant barrier to aquatic organism passage, especially in low water conditions.


Johnny Bean Brook upstream view

Looking upstream on Johnny Bean Brook from Main Poland Road in Conway.  This image shows two point bars, on the inside of successive meanders.  Notice deposites of sand, gravel and cobble on each point bar (some deposits are hidden by fallen leaves).  The larger deposits tend to be closer to the stream, which is typical, as these will drop out sooner during high flows than do finer sediments, and are thus less likely to travel farther from the main stream channel. 

Looking a bit further upstream on Johnny Bean Brook.