Bend, pool, bedrock

Here the Green River rounds a bend and forms a pool over a bedrock ledge.  


This image is taken from the bank, on top of a point bar – an inside curve on a stream where sediments are deposited. Notice the finer sediments that are deposited furthest from the stream channel, and at a higher elevation. 

Bedrock running out into river. This gives an indication of how the river has eroded this bedrock ledge.

At low water, the Green River typically runs very clear, as this photo shows. This is likely due to the relatively small amounts of sediment that runs off from the adjacent forest land. In addition, the river is fairly nutrient poor (courtesy of the underlying geology), and there is less algae or zooplankton present, which might otherwise cloud or color the water.

Upstream view. This vantage point shows sedimentation and erosion occurring on opposite sides of the river. On the left (from photographer's vantage point), a point bar is formed by sediments being deposited during various stages of high water. on the right, the river carves into the bank, even though it is bedrock at this location.